Research Paper On Bullying Thesis Statement

The following are five general steps to write an analytical research paper on bullying. The purpose of an analytical research paper is to evaluate a topic and draw unbiased conclusions from a variety of reliable sources.

For the analytical research paper on bullying, your thesis will establish a basic claim about the topic. Then, you will provide a series of claims based on your own analysis of reputable research on the topic.


Step 1: Create a Thesis by Narrowing your Focus

WIthin the general topic of bullying, you will choose one main idea or key issue to make a general claim. This first claim will help you to establish your thesis. A recommended first step is to collect a variety of reputable background information about bullying and keep track of the main ideas that are frequently covered in research you encounter.

For example, you may write your research paper on the various forms and definitions of bullying, or on the impact of bullying on individuals or society. By narrowing your topic, you can identify the specific research to best support your claims.

Remember to choose a meaningful and relevant thesis to gain your reader's attention.

Your thesis should be no more than one or two complete sentences.

Step 2: Gather Reputable References

Once you've established your thesis, you may begin to actively research your topic. Identify at least four reputable references and take note of key terms, issues and ideas. You may wish to highlight or bookmark important facts and direct quotations that you plan to use as evidence for your claims.

You may wish to keep a list of specific facts and statistics related to bullying, or important moments in that subject's history. These will help you to organize your ideas.

Write down the sources you consult for your research, as these will be presented in your bibliography.

Step 3: Create an Outline

Once you have gathered sufficient information, you can write an outline by first choosing at least three claims to support your thesis. Your individual claims will become the claim paragraphs in your paper.

An outline will help you identify the order in which you will present your claims. Remember to keep your thesis in the introduction. Following that, your claim paragraphs will form the bulk of the body of your essay. Your conclusion should be a simple synthesis of the information you have presented and can also summarize your thesis.

Your outline can be created as a simple list, or you may choose to use index cards or a visual template to organize your ideas.

Step 4. Write your Draft

Using the WriteWell Template, Analytical Research Paper on Bullying, begin to write your research paper. Present your claims by opening your thesis and providing essential background information to your reader. It is important to create a context for your thesis.

For each claim paragraph, include a topic sentence. The topic sentence states your claim without establishing a personal opinion on the topic. The topic sentence also tells your reader what each claim paragraph will focus on. For each claim paragraph, provide evidence from your research as support.

Useful ways to include supporting evidence for your claims include providing official facts and statistics, historical references, newsworthy events and direct quotations from experts in the field of bullying.

Based on the length requirements for your research paper, you may include as many claim paragraphs as necessary.

Your conclusion should summarize but not directly copy your thesis and can provide a "call to action" or "take-away" piece of information for your reader.

Step 5: Revise your Essay and add a Bibliography/References Page

Once you've drafted your paper, revise it thoroughly. You may begin with a basic spelling or grammar check.

Double-check that your research paper has a clear introduction including a thesis, a body providing at least three claim paragraphs, and a conclusion. Ascertain that your claims are unique from one another and not redundant. Check that you have included the required number of references and that you have credited your sources.

Be sure that your thesis has been summarized in your conclusion and that it accurately reflects the series of claims you have made.

Finally, include your Bibliography/References page using an established academic format such a MLA or APA. Alternately you may use an online reference generator such as or

Best Answer:  Talk about online bullying. That's a major point a lot of people don't think about when someone mentions bullying. People typically think about kids making fun of each other in school-- the problem is much more extreme, unfortunately.

- Online Bullying-- Why might an individual bully through a computer? How might it affect the person being bullied, even though it's online? Research online bullying and find examples of how this issue has affected many lives.
- Bullying leads to many things-- The victim often doesn't takes bullying well. It can result in depression, low self-esteem (this is enough of a problem as it is), and all too often, suicide. Kids are killing themselves because of bullying, what can be done to stop it? Should there be a mandatory lesson on bullying in school? How can we help students understand the effects of bullying, and prevent it from happening?
- Why are bullies, bullies?-- What could make someone want to hurt another individual, that, usually, has done absolutely nothing to them? Are they insecure? Were they abused as a child? Is that how they're treated at home, or is that how people behave in their home?
- Who gets bullied?-- Everyone could be a victim of bullying. Gays are often targets of bullies, people who are overweight, and really, anybody that's different from the rest in even the slightest way. Bullies look for something they could pick at and make you feel bad about.

This is a great topic and one more people should learn about.
Try reading articles on the results of bullying, how it impacted victims in the long and short term, etc. Nobody has the right to hurt another person. It's wrong and I think it's great your school is focusing on bullying.

Thesis: Bullying is a fact of modern society, however, knowing the psychological effects bullying can cause, that suicide is often a result of it, and how common it is in schools and in every day life across the world's oceans, preventative measures to stop or reduce bullying should be taken.

~ Good Luck. : )


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