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The Australian Immigration Centre is a veteran immigration services provider in Australia. Whether you’re visiting for work, study, leisure or have decided to shift your base here, you can rely on our expert immigration consultants, based at our Sydney office to advise and assist you with any immigration services that you require.

Student Visa

Australia boasts of some of the world’s best universities, with 8 of the top 100 universities across the globe. With an increasing number of foreign students, excellent education opportunities and a good standard of living, Australia has become an international education hotspot. Studying here is a way to open the doors to global careers. If you would like to visit Australia for higher studies, then this is the visa you need.

Visitor Visa

Australia is a land of wide diversity, culture and adventure. If you’re planning a holiday in Australia, or even a short visit to family and friends, you are eligible to apply for the Visitor Visa. This visa is valid only for a short visit, up to 12 months, and doesn’t give the permission to work while here.

Working Holiday Visa

Working in a new country can be an enriching experience – giving an insight into the culture like no other. This visa is ideal for those of you who want to take up light, part time or short term work assignments while you holiday in Australia. This visa will be valid for a period of up to 12 months.

Family Visa

If you wish to visit family who’re Australian nationals, then you need to apply for a family visa. However, there are various different types of family visa – spouse, prospective marriage, interdependent partner, parent and child – and this could get a bit complicated to manage with the multiple documentation processes for each. We will help you to choose the category that’s right for you, and guide you to maximize chances of application approval.

Partner Visa

If your partner or significant other is an Australian national, you will need a Partner Visa to enter the country and become a legal resident. Unlike some other types of visas, this will not be an automated process. Your application will need to have detailed substantiation about your relationship being serious and genuine. This one is applicable for spouses, fiancés, as well as same sex partners.

Migration Review Tribunal

If for some reason, your visa application has been rejected, then you can apply to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) for a review. We guide you through the process to improve your chances of a successful application. However, you need to be eligible for a review, and not all cancellations can be reviewed. Typically, applications under employer nominations and Refugee Visa sub class 200 can be reviewed. In the latter, it is imperative for the visa holder to be present in Australia at the time of visa cancellation.

Skilled Visa

As one of the worlds’s developed economies, Australia needs a huge base of skilled workforce to fuel its growth – with a requirement of over 100,000 jobs advertised weekly. This one is for those of you who possess requisite skills and experience as defined in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), and are looking for full time work opportunities in Australia; you could apply for this visa. Permanent residency is also offered to qualifying candidates – with outstanding university and trade credentials.

Employer Nomination Scheme

In this global economy, work is seldom restricted by geographical boundaries. Many Australian and overseas employers often employ skilled workers for assignments in Australia for a specific amount of time or permanently. If you are traveling to Australia for a specific work related requirement as defined by your employer, and this requirement cannot be managed locally, then this is the visa you need.

Refugee Visas

Australia is known to be a friendly, peaceful and stable country – making it an ideal country to take refuge in. For people who are looking to take permanent refuge in Australia, this visa is required for them to stay here legally. Permanent Protection visa requires the refugees to satisfy different parameters – health, character and security requirements as per Australian standards.

Business Skills Visa

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Senior business executives and investors who wish to make the most of this, and who are keen to settle down in Australia, and intend to contribute to the Australian economy can apply for this visa.

Skilled Graduate Subclass 485

This is a special visa for overseas students, who don’t comply with the standard General Skilled Migration (GSM) process. The GSM Visa of Skilled Graduate Subclass 485 allows candidates to stay for up to 18 months and gain work experience, and / or improve their English language skills. Candidates could also apply for Australian permanent residency if they choose to, after they pass the GSM test.

GSM Visa subclass 190

Skilled Migration visas offer a great opportunity for skilled professionals to live and work, here in Australia as a permanent resident. The GSM Visa subclass 190 is for skilled and qualified professionals who have been nominated by state or territory government agency in recognition of their skills, depending on the points scored in the Skill Select assessment. Those holding this visa need to contribute their first two years working in the states / territories that have nominated them. Candidates applying for this visa are allowed to include specified family members as secondary applicants for the GSM Visa subclass 190.

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