Dal Group Job Assignments

1What happens when I join DAL Group Graduate Development Program?

A comprehensive induction is provided for all Graduates when they start their Graduate Development Program journey with DAL Group. The objectives of the induction process are;  Ensure a comprehensive understanding of the Graduate Development Program in DAL  Enable new employees to settle into the Company quickly and become productive and efficient members of staff within a short period of time.  Ensure that new entrants are highly motivated and that this motivation is reinforced.

2What resources are available for me to do my job?

Every Graduate who is employed to go through the DAL Group Graduate development programme is provided with the appropriate and required tools to effectively carry out work related tasks and duties. These include laptop and other work-tools as may be required.

3What is covered during the theoretical classroom training?

The key areas covered during the theoretical classroom training are as follows;  Basic Financial / Accounting Management  Sales/ Marketing & Supply Chain concepts  HR Management & Legal Issues in Operations  Strategic Management in Operations and Leadership & Decision Making

4How is the job rotation determined?

Job rotations are determined based on the organizational needs and strategic priorities of DAL Group businesses. Rotation placements are done without any bias or person preference.

5Will I have a mentor?

Yes, the organization has a structured mentoring scheme specifically designed to support the graduate trainees during the programme.

6What are the working days and timing?

Working hours are (40) hours a week with daily half hour break spread over the week days as per the applicable schedule of work at the specific work location. Business working days are from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 – 17:00. Friday and Saturday’s are off days, unless you are requested otherwise/or the nature of the department you work in.

7Where will the work locations be?

Work location shall be in any of DAL Group Business units.

8What is the required academic qualification?

The required academic qualification is a bachelor degree of any major, graded as follows; • Second class - Upper and above: for graduates of any of the Universities in Sudan. • Third class: maybe considered for graduates of top 100 universities in the world.

9How do I know if I am successful during the assessment phase?

An email will be sent at different stages of the recruitment process to let all applicants know whether they were successful or not. Advice is always provided via email regarding the next phase and what is expected of all applicants. Make sure to check your email regularly.

10Do I get notified if I am shortlisted or not?

Every candidate is notified on every stage whether they are successful or not. Successful candidates will be advised accordingly. (Refer to question 9)

11Can I pick my rotation?

No, Job rotations are determined based on the organizational needs and strategic priorities of DAL Group businesses. (Refer to question 4)

12How many people get accepted annually?

This is determined annually based on organizational needs.

13Do you require IELTS?

No, IELTS is not an entry requirement.

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